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On the Road and On the Move

TW: What are you working on right now?

Keith: Writing new songs and preliminary work on the new album

TW: How does recording in the studio compare to touring?

Keith: It's a totally different mindset. I tend to gain weight when I'm home and lose it again when I start touring.

TW: I know you were out on the road a lot this past summer with Brooks and Dunn it is easier being on the road with a larger act?

Keith: We certainly couldn't expect 40,000 people to show for us (yet) ha, ha…So that side of touring with a larger act is awesome, but you only get a short set… That sucks.

TW: What are some of the advantages or disadvantages?

Keith: The real advantage is a larger audience, more production; i.e. sound equipment, lights, etc. I think the disadvantage is only if they don't take care of you and let me tell Brooks and Dunn are kings of hospitality.

TW: Being a guitar player as well as a vocalist, what do you do to keep your voice and body in shape to sing, play and perform?

Keith: Up until recently, performing every night itself kept me in shape, but prior to touring a regular workout routine is paramount. I think the biggest things to always do though, are very simple. Drink gallons of water and sleep. (Probably not in that order!!!)

TW: Tell me what it's like being in a video shoot. How do you care for yourself during that grueling schedule?

Keith: Pace yourself, drink water and try and be involved in the process. Firstly, that will make the day go by faster and secondly, hey, it's your video.

TW: Do you feel the industry is becoming more aware of taking care of the artist?

Keith: I think artists are speaking up a little more concerning what they can and can't do and if you have a good team that listens, you can go the distance.

TW: If there was one thing you would like the industry to do to be more conscious of an artist wear and tear on the road, what would that be?

Keith: I think the amount of actual talking an artist is expected to do…(meet and greets, radio interviews, in store appearances, etc.) is a dangerous balancing act. You have got to take care of your voice, but you have to do these things. So once again, pacing yourself and listening to your body is crucial.

TW: What do you do on your down time while on the road? Say you have a day off in Boston, what would that day look like?

Keith: That would depend on the time of year, weather and so on, you know! Sometimes you hang with your band and other times it's kinda nice to give them a break from having to put up with you!!!

TW: Besides the U.S. what countries have you toured? What are the differences?

Keith: I've toured in Australia (obviously), New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Crowds are different in every town and sometimes even the same town but on different nights. Especially if their team just lost that day!

TW: Congrats on your CMA Horizon Award! Just to get a glimpse into what this new album is about- what can we expect?

Keith: I'm making a Polka album. Long live the accordion.

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