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The Relaxation & Stress Reduction...

Its well-organized chapters on breathing, relaxation, meditation, thought stopping, and body awareness guide the reader through copious self-help techniques to try and, eventually, master.

The Relaxation Response

Dr. Herbert Benson shows that relaxation techniques such as meditation have immense physical benefits, from lowered blood pressure to a reduction in heart disease.

Beyond the Relaxation Response: How to...

Focuses on meditation as an integral part of a healing and self-help regime.

The Wellness Book: The Comprehensive...

The Wellness Book reflects the cutting edge of health care, giving you the opportunity to gain more control over your own well-being

Relax and Renew: Restful Yoga for...

Relax & Renew is the first to devote itself entirely to restorative yoga, providing a series of yoga postures designed to relieve chronic stress.

Relax into Stretch: Instant Flexibility...

Regain the Buoyant Flexibility of a Young Child While Maximizing Your Power and Strength

Learn to Relax: A Practical Guide to...

Offering nearly 30 ingenious and easy-to-do exercises tailor-made for busy people, "Learn to Relax" presents effective ways to ease tension at work, at home, or on the road.

1 Amazing Way to Relax & Renew: Mike...

What a delight, Instant Relaxation is the ultimate!


Relax: Stress Free Music In A Stress...

Relaxing music by various artists.

Visual Images: Guided Excursions into...

Relax. Listen to the soothing music, and let the narration carry you through the landscape of the mind.

Deep Peace: Music for Yoga and Relaxation

Heavenly music for yoga and relaxation. Perfect for leading you into a deeper state of awareness.

Nature's Touch: Quiet Relaxation

Quiet Relaxation - Box Set.


The Relax Video

"Relax" provides the elements proven most effective in battling stress including muscle relaxation instruction; time-tested breathing techniques; calming natural sounds; serene and picturesque visuals; and soothing music.

Relax With Nature

Stress Reduction.

Relax With Classical Music in a Rock...

Classical music plays softly in the background while the babbling waters flow gently through a lovely rock garden. Over 40 minutes of peace and relaxation.

Travel Wellness Books & Tapes

In association with, Travel Wellness offers you some books, audio and video to help you to relax and chase away stress.